About Us

About Us

We have been providing legal advice from our unique premises in the heart of Westminster for more than 150 years. That tells you something about who we are.

We wouldn't be where we are today if we hadn't gained the trust and loyalty of our clients. We believe that this trust and loyalty has been earned through the consistently excellent legal advice we have provided and the manner in which we have provided it. Our aim in every piece of work we undertake is to be an asset to the client, to make a positive impact and to be people that our clients enjoy talking to.

Whilst our legal advice will always remain of the highest quality, we know that this is not enough on its own. To add real value, we place that legal advice in the context of the transaction, the dispute or the family background. We understand the goal for each client in each piece of work and see how our legal advice can help achieve it. We play our role with confidence and humility.

We're proud of our heritage, our wood-panelled boardrooms our long-standing, institutional clients who have been part of our history and like us for our traditional values. But without losing any of that, LBMW today is a diverse, modern and dynamic law firm that punches well above its weight. We have global drinks brands, innovative tech companies and bright entrepreneurs as clients. We have lawyers who enjoy coming to work and meeting new people. We want to make positive contributions to the people and communities that we come into contact with.

We aim to grow exiting relationships and build new ones based on the excellence of our service and our people.

Brand Values

Recently we stepped back and took time to look at our values. What have we been delivering to our clients during our long history in Westminster? We distilled these down into 5 core values and want these to be at the forefront of everything we do as a firm. LBMW's core values are:

  • Quality Service - Putting our clients first and understanding their challenges, objectives, needs and goals and delivering a tailored service.
  • Heritage - Taking pride in our history, embracing our legacy and taking responsibility for the future success of our firm.
  • Forward Thinking - Striving to be flexible, skilled, able to adapt to the needs of our clients and always thinking several steps ahead.
  • Expertise - To pursue the delivery of outstanding results in all we do and to be market leaders in our specialist sectors.
  • Dynamic - To be positive in attitude, energetic, responsive and always on the front foot.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We are alive to our potential to make a difference to the lives of individuals and communities in ways other than providing them with legal advice. We encourage and support our people in getting involved in fundraising initiatives and pro bono activities.

As with all professional firms, we are aware now more than ever before of our responsibility to reduce our impact of the environment. We have practices and policies to minimise paper usage, to conserve electricity and we aim to partner with ethically responsible suppliers.

This year we have:-

Continued our corporate partner status of St Andrew's Youth Club, Westminster, the oldest youth club in London, by raising funds for the Club through an office Christmas raffle, with various members of staff donating an impressive selection of prizes;

In recent years:-

  • we have been a proud corporate partner to the Wine and Spirits Benevolent Trust;
  • we arranged a 45 hour sponsored static cycle with other law firms in Norway and France raising over £1,700 for the charity SWATS (Supporting West Africa Through Schooling)
  • one of our partners completed a 500 mile bike ride with The Worshipful Company of Distillers from Auchterarder in Scotland to the City of London raising over £40,000 for a selection of charities including Future Youth Zone, a Barking based charity focussed on building youth centres;
  • several of our team have undertaken marathons, half-marathons, triathlons tough mudders, sponsored cycles and other endurance events for a range of charities. These are all well supported by colleagues.

Our partnership with St Andrew's Club

We are proud to be members of St Andrew's - Westminster 100 Club.

The Westminster 100 Club is group of businesses who have committed to supporting the St Andrew's Club. The St Andrew's Club is a fantastic youth club based in South Westminster, a few minutes' walk from our offices. It provides services for local children and adults aged 5 and upwards. It is an independent charity funded by voluntary donations, providing an invaluable resource to Westminster and beyond.

As members of the Westminster 100 Club, we have committed to continue supporting the club for 2024-25.  In addition to our recent Christmas raffle, we have enjoyed doing this in previous years by hosting a charity lunch fundraiser, taking part in sponsored walks run by the club, as well as fundraising fitness classes, and attending various events run by the club during the year.

We encourage all employees who wish to undertake external volunteering to do so. We have recently introduced ‘volunteering days’ which gives people extra leave, in addition to their holiday entitlement, to go and get involved in activities for worthy causes they are passionate about.

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