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The law of the Church of England is contained in various Acts of Parliament, Church of England legislation, codes and guidance and the Canons of the Church of England. The Church of England is also impacted upon by the general laws concerning data protection, freedom of religion, employment law, charity law and so on.

Our staff act as the legal officers to five diocesan registries, providing advice to bishops, clergy, parish officers and diocesan organisations. We are also home to the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. We are the authors of the practitioners’ guide Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents (Ecclesiastical Law).

We can help you with such matters as:

  • The law around making changes to churches, including obtaining faculties, contesting faculties, licences and leases, community use of churches and consecrated ground.
  • The property of the Church of England including church halls, glebe land, vicarages, rectories and much more.
  • When things go wrong  - disputes in church communities and complaints against clergy (including the Clergy Discipline Measure 2003, pastoral breakdown, capability and wellbeing), and protecting parish property and vicarages and rectories from appropriation.


Our ecclesiastical lawyers can also advise on how the secular law of England and Wales interfaces with the Church's emanations and including:

  • Data protection
  • Trading subsidiaries
  • Safeguarding


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