The focus of unity and leadership in the Church of England is the diocesan bishop who ministers over a geographical area called a diocese.

Serving the bishop’s episcopal work and the work of the dioceses’ constituent parishes are a plethora of diocesan organisations and bodies covering finance, buildings, vocations and safeguarding, chief of which is the diocesan board of finance, a charitable company. In order to represent the views and interests of all parts of the diocese, there is a diocesan synod made up of the bishops and representatives of the clergy and laity.

Those charged with undertaking the administration of a diocese are required to have an understanding not only of ecclesiastical law and structures, but also of the laws around charities and other large organisations, in stewarding and applying the financial and human resources at their disposal.


We are able to assist bishops, archdeacons and diocesan boards in ensuring good governance and healthy working of the various duties vested in those persons. In particular, our staff act as the diocesan registrar (the legal officer of a diocese) of 5 dioceses, as well as doing ad hoc work for other dioceses. In particular we are able to advise on:

  • Bishop's Legal Secretary (ie licences and other legal drafting).
  • Bishops' Mission Orders.
  • Consistory Court Hearings.
  • Clergy discipline, capability and pastoral breakdown.
  • Diocesan Boards (Finance and Education).
  • The law around investments, including “total return”.
  • Land and property.
  • Mergers and restructuring.
  • Parish reorganisations.
  • Restricted funds and permanent endowment.
  • Schemes and Orders under the Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011.
  • Structure and Governance.
  • Trading companies.


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