Any school site which was granted under powers provided by the School Sites Acts is likely to be subject to reverter.

This affects many Church of England schools which still occupy their original sites, equating to over a thousand school sites, and can cause huge complications for third party occupation arrangements and on closure or relocation of the school.

We are the market leaders in this complex and specialist area of law. We routinely advise schools, academy trusts, trustees, Dioceses and Government in relation to it and have provided input on associated Government guidance. We successfully represented the beneficiaries at the Court of Appeal in 2019 in the important case of Rittson-Thomas & Others -v- Oxfordshire County Council.


Our expertise in this area covers all aspects which may arise, including:-

  • School relocations
  • School closures
  • Section 554 orders under the Education Act 1996
  • Section 2 schemes under the Reverter of Sites Act 1987
  • Third party occupation of sites subject to reverter
  • Claims by beneficiaries under the Schools Sites Act 1841 and the Reverter of Sites Act 1987


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