We have an exciting and diverse group of entrepreneur clients. Operating across the sectors from food and drink to edu-tech to real estate to aerospace, we have a proven track record in working alongside individuals or small groups with ideas and helping them achieve success.

We like to be involved early in the journey so that we can help focus direction by advising on early stage legal issues such as company structure, founder protections, fundraising and compliance. By addressing these issues at the outset, even though it entails some expenditure when budgets are tight, a lot of time and cost can be saved in the medium term.


The aim for most entrepreneurs is to build a business that is capable of producing a lucrative exit when the time is right. We like to be there at the start, provide the full range of our services throughout the business journey and help clients achieve the exit that their endeavours deserve.

As well as advising the business, we are able to offer our personal legal services such as estate planning, employment and conveyancing to high net worth clients.


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