Not-for-Profit & Philanthropic

Philanthropic or not for profit foundations are bodies with private, independent and sustainable income that fulfills their purposes by funding or otherwise supporting individuals or other organisations. 

They vary in size, scope, what they do and how they do it. These can be large independent foundations, local and community trusts, family trusts, corporate foundations and broadcasting appeals. They may or may not be charities.

Philanthropic foundations are generally grant making bodies but some are involved in other types of foundation activity, especially research, policy and influencing work, as well as social investment.  Foundations support charities but some can get involved in funding and supporting universities, research, education and individuals. One of the key aims of setting up a philanthropic foundation is to provide an efficient, transparent and international way of irrevocably transforming private wealth into public wealth.


We can assist with:-

  • Advising on the appropriate legal structure
  • Setting up the legal structure
  • Developing adequate policies and procedures
  • Assisting in ensuring that trustees comply with regulatory obligations
  • Assist in managing the foundation


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