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Vicarages, Rectories & Pastoral Reorganisation

The Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011 sets out the framework under which parishes of the Church of England can be enlarged, reduced, dissolved or amalgamated. The appropriation or redeployment of vicarages and rectories and parish property and the dispossession and compensation of parochial clergy are also covered.

Changes to the extent and composition of parishes can be a necessary reflection of changing demographics and churchmanship, especially where churches are dwindling in finances or people or where there are new areas  of development which are poorly served by not having a local church presence. Changes, called “pastoral reorganisation” can also be challenging for the clergy and congregations who are faced with the proposals for change.


We are able to provide advice on the drafting, process and implementation of pastoral reorganisation for dioceses or for parishes. We can help make representations on behalf of aggrieved parishes when pastoral reorganisation is ill-conceived or premature. We can also help parishes who are faced with the appropriation of a vicarage or rectory or parish property. We can provide advice to dioceses where issues of pastoral reorganisation are connected with wider issues of intra-church disputes and pastoral breakdown.


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