Cathedrals, Abbeys & Royal Peculiars

The Cathedrals of the Church of England have a large degree of autonomy from the bishop of the diocese and other diocesan structures. They are organised under their Dean and Chapter (the main governing body) to continue their historic roles, which are in the view of Peter Atkins:

  1. Cathedral as seat of the bishop,
  2. Cathedral as monastery
  3. Cathedral as ‘college’ or ‘foundation’,
  4. Cathedral as quasi-parish church community,
  5. Cathedral as shrine,
  6. Cathedral as virtual church, addressing a global congregation.

It is proposed that Cathedrals will come under the regulation of the Charity Commission and that there will be significant changes to the way in which they are governed and run. Please contact us for a briefing or help on the implementation of these proposed reforms.


We are also able to assist Cathedrals by providing the role of Chapter Clerk or legal adviser including in the following areas:

  • Charitable foundations – setting up and managing.
  • Charitable giving, fundraising and Gift Aid.
  • Commercial arrangements.
  • Constitution and Statutes – revising and interpreting
  • Setting up trading subsidiaries
  • Employment and pensions.
  • Fabric work and maintenance.
  • Licensing (music, photographs, filming).
  • Marriage law.
  • Property and construction.
  • Regulatory and compliance.
  • Special services and events.


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