School sites

The land occupied by schools can be held in a variety of different ways, depending on the type of school and its history. We are experienced in all of them and can quickly recognise when the landholding is not as it should be.

Our team is able to provide expert assistance with the full range of land issues which may arise at a school site, with particular expertise in Church of England sites, which can often be particularly complicated due to the age of the site trusts and the possibility of reverter.


The range of areas we deal with includes:-

  • Relocation and closure of schools
  • Sale of school land (including both playing field and school site)
  • Acquisition of additional school land
  • Site trusts- creation and amendment
  • Appointment and retirement of trustees
  • Trustee disputes
  • Applications to the Charity Commission
  • Charity Commission inquiries and investigations
  • Reverter
  • Third party use and occupation of school sites, including TOCAs, licences and leases
  • Third party rights over school sites, both permanent and temporary arrangements, including licence for works
  • Capital works on school sites
  • Redevelopment projects for closed school sites
  • Orders under section 554 of the Education Act 1996
  • Schemes under the section 2 of the Reverter of Sites Act 1987


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