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Islamic Finance

We act for clients obtaining Islamic Finance (also known as Sharia-compliant finance) in the context of real estate transactions in both the residential and commercial sectors.

There are a number of principles traditionally adopted in finance arrangements which are considered contrary to Islamic Law, the classic example being the payment and receipt of interest. As such, several retail banks in the UK have developed Sharia-compliant finance products to be able to meet the needs of those wanting to abide by Islamic Law.

We regularly advise clients who are obtaining Islamic Finance in order to purchase or refinance real estate. Due to our expertise we are able to anticipate any challenges that may arise in real estate transactions due to this particular finance structure and deal with them effectively and at an early stage.  


Our clients, who obtain Islamic finance from various Sharia-compliant banks, are wide ranging and include UK based individuals, companies and charities, as well as high net worth individuals from the Gulf States and ex-pats.

LBMW is a panel member of the oldest and largest Sharia compliant retail bank in the UK.  


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