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Charity Trading Companies

We assist our clients to establish subsidiaries for a wide range of purposes. They may need a single purpose vehicle to carry out a project, or to meet specific contractual or governance conditions. Contact us to set up a subsidiary or trading company.

Charities in particular may establish a trading subsidiary to produce income for the charity while insulating the parent from the risks of trading and ensuring the charity does not breach the taxable trading threshold. In the case of state-funded educational charities, establishing a subsidiary may be a condition of the funding they receive to ensure that public funds are used only for the intended purpose.

We have extensive experience of advising clients on the best structure for their needs, and of working with regulators and other bodies, such as the Charity Commission and Department for Education, to ensure that clients comply with any obligations while achieving their purpose.


Depending on the purpose for which the subsidiary is established, this work may be based within either the commercial or the charities team. Recent work includes:

  • Establishing overseas subsidiaries for charities based in England and Wales
  • Advice on a joint venture with another charity
  • Establishing trading subsidiaries for educational charities
  • Advice on group structure and related parties


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