Family Law

Our family team at LBMW offers a bespoke and holistic service to our clients with the paramount aim to protect them, their assets, and interests following a family breakdown.

Our creative and dynamic approach allows us to resolve difficult and sensitive family law matters with the aim of obtaining the best result for our clients, whether it be through providing expert advice in managing relationships or assisting in the preservation of family financial structures. Our family solicitors can help disentangle what can initially appear to be deep-seated positions and facilitate a successful resolution of challenges that families face without matters becoming contentious.

We encourage parents to put their children at the core of their decision making. We also assist with people’s wishes of starting a family too through supporting parents undergoing assisted reproduction and surrogacy arrangements.

We are confident in our advice and approach. We ensure that our clients are empowered and kept fully involved in the decision making of their individual case.

When families break down, we understand that this not only affects the family but also third parties and entities such as, businesses and trusts. This may involve international aspects and at LBMW we can unravel the difficulties of cross-border relationship breakdowns and work with legal advisors in other countries to ensure a smooth conclusion of complex matters.

We are skilled at understanding each individual and families’ unique needs, both personally and financially, ensuring that these needs are met and protected. Our team of specialist family solicitors can readily obtain advice in relation to business law, tax, trusts and wills, property, and education if an individual case requires such input. In addition, we are able to deal with complex assets to include fine art and heritage property assets based here or overseas. This is possible through the collaboration with the other departments at LBMW which allows us to take care of every aspect of a client’s matter.  We also work closely with highly regarded third party experts including counsellors, financial advisers, accountants, and actuaries to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

We take a strategic approach to our client’s family matter and deal with any issues constructively and ideally without the intervention of the Court. We look to progress matters quickly, amicably and always in the most cost-effective manner. We offer and facilitate various types of Alternative Dispute Resolution to include round table meetings, private FDR and Arbitration as Court proceedings are usually a last resort.

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