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Leasehold Enfranchisement

We have a wealth of experience in leasehold enfranchisement and our aim is to provide practical and commercial advice to freeholders and flatowners as applicable. 

Enfranchisement is the umbrella term used to describe the statutory extension of flats and houses and the purchase of freehold houses or blocks of flats, the latter known as "collective enfranchisement".

We aim to guide our clients through the process to meet the deadlines and avoid any pitfalls.  Our work involves advising clients on the  the process and timeframes, liaising with surveyors drafting and serving of notices, checking the validity of notices, applying to the Tribunal, representation at the Tribunal, drafting and agreeing the form lease/transfer, completion and registration.


Given the strict qualification requirements for enfranchisement we are increasingly being asked to advise on and act for clients who are seeking add value to leasehold transactions by selling or purchasing flats with the benefit of an extended lease.

As part of our business offering we will bring in our property litigation team to assist with the transaction if necessary.


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