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Discrimination & the Equality Act

It is crucial for employers that their policies are compliant with the latest discrimination legislation as developed via case law since the Equality Act 2010. Our employment team provides specialist advice on discrimination issues and how to minimise the chances of having to defend such claims.

The spectre of discrimination arises at the very outset when recruiting for employees, throughout the employment relationship to the ultimate resignation, retirement or dismissal of the employee. Throughout the employment relationship, there are many events that, if not handled appropriately by the employer, can result in a discrimination claim. For example, matters such as maternity and paternity, ill health and allegations of harassment.  All have serious underlying equality and discrimination issues.


Our employment lawyers are adept at advising on ensuring that workplace practices and procedures do not inadvertently discriminate against those with a protected characteristic. If allegations of discrimination are made, we provide swift and decisive advice to employers.

Our team have particular expertise in discrimination on religious grounds and making reasonable adjustments for disabled employees.