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Building on our previous success, we plan to offer further events throughout 2023 and I have listed these below. Other topics may be added throughout the year and detail added to the events closer to the time. You may wish to make a note of the dates – webinars are moving to a Wednesday and will largely take place on the third Wednesday of every month at 12:00pm

As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients our webinars and conferences will continue virtually throughout 2023. We have made the decision to make all of our webinars and conferences free of charge for the rest of this year.

Please follow the link to book your place for each event you would like to attend.

We look forward to seeing you throughout the year.

Charities Act 2022 – land and other changes now in force

21st June 2023

This webinar will bring trustees and their advisors up to date with the new legislative framework for disposing of land.

Fund-raising – failed appeals and using external professional fund raisers

19th July 2023

Fund raising is essential for large numbers of charities. Appealing for funds is a common practice. The law on when an appeal has ‘failed’ has changed and this webinar will bring you up to date on the new regime as well as look at the rules for using external professional fund-raisers

Excepted and Exempt charities – regulatory best practice for unregistered charities

16th August 2023

Thousands of charities are not required to register with the Charity Commission and thousands more are exempt from registration (they are not allowed to register eg Academies). This does not exclude them from all of the powers or regulations in the Charities Acts. This webinar will set out what regulatory compliance and best practice looks like for these unregistered charities.

Policies for effective governance – what must you have and what do you need?

20th September 2023

Trustees have a duty to ensure their charity is run effectively. To support them they will need a range of policies to provide a framework for key decision-making. This webinar looks at the types of policies most charities need.

Incorporation and charities  – why do it?

18th October 2023

This webinar looks at the benefits and the downsides of incorporation. We will also examine whether converting your charity into a CIO is right for your charity.

Investigations – annual review of the Charity Commission’s investigations – lessons to be learned

15th November 2023

Our popular regular annual review of the Charity Commission’s  inquiries closed in the past 12 years, picking up on themes and types of charity most commonly investigated.

Charities Act 2022 – final changes

13th December 2023

Date subject to change. The final webinar in our series on the new Charites Act 2022 and its implementation. This webinar will look at what has changed in the final implementation phase.