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How to choose the best family law solicitor for you?

When you're dealing with the emotional turmoil of a family law issue, you need a solicitor who provides more than just legal advice.

A good family law solicitor is not just someone who is well-versed in the intricacies of family law, but also understands your unique situation and objectives.

This guide will help you through the critical process of choosing the best family law solicitor for you.

We understand that this decision is not just about resolving your current issues; it's about finding the right fit and a solicitor who can help you navigate the next chapter of your life.

So let's arm you with the knowledge and understanding, to ensure that you can confidently choose the solicitor who will stand by you as you navigate the next chapter of your life.

The importance of finding the right solicitor

Find a solicitor that you feel comfortable with as it is a long and personal business relationship.

Choosing the right family lawyer is about investing in your future. It's about ensuring that the results achieved align with your family's future goals.

Consider the solicitor as your guide, someone who helps you navigate the complex legal landscape. A solicitor who understands your unique situation and objectives will be able to provide bespoke solutions. They will not approach your case as just another file to be handled but will consider the broader picture of your life now and how you would like it to be if possible.

This understanding is crucial because each family law case is unique, with its own set of hurdles. A solicitor who recognises this will be better equipped to handle the nuances of your case, ensuring that the resolution is customised to your particular circumstances.

Make sure your solicitor understands you, what you wish to achieve and why.  Communication is key to building a successful relationship with your solicitor. When you feel comfortable and understood, it's easier to trust their advice and make informed decisions.

How do I choose a good family solicitor?

Whether it's a personal recommendation from a friend or as a result of intensive research online to seek legal advice, there are some important considerations when deciding on your family solicitor.

1. Relevant experience and expertise

It's important to find a solicitor who specialises in family law with extensive experience and knowledge of the specific area of law that your case falls under. This expertise will ensure they are familiar with the latest laws and have a clear understanding of how to approach your case.

2. Reputation and testimonials

Be sure to research the solicitor's reputation and read testimonials from previous clients. Look for positive reviews, recommendations, and success stories similar to your situation. This will give you an idea of their track record and how they have handled cases like yours in the past.

All family law firms should be part of the Law Society and also ideally part of Resolution.

3. Costs and legal fees

While cost should not be the sole determining factor, it's important to consider your budget when choosing a solicitor. Some may offer fixed fees, while others may charge hourly rates with fixed fee initial consultations. Make sure you get a clear understanding of their fee structure and any potential additional costs.

Good family law solicitors will make you aware of any potential costs such as:

  • Court fees if filing a petition or taking your case to family court

  • Additional fees for expert opinions or witnesses

Look at the solicitor's experience as it will impact costs, which should be given clearly with budgets being discussed and put in place from the initial meeting.

4. Communication style

Each solicitor has their own communication style, and it's important to find one that aligns with your own preferences.

Do they prefer email or phone calls?

Are they available for regular updates?

Will a junior assist?

Clear and prompt communication is crucial in ensuring that you are kept informed and involved in the progress of your case.

5. Personal connection

You should choose a solicitor that you feel comfortable with and trust to handle your sensitive family matters. Family issues can have long-term effects on you and your  loved ones.

You need to be aware of what a positive outcome looks like and your family law team should provide you with essential support throughout.

A personal connection can go a long way in building a successful working relationship, so make sure you feel at ease during your initial consultation.

Finding the right family solicitor for you is a massive investment for your future – it is the next chapter of your life with a different family dynamic which usually means a different financial set up.

6. Resources and expertise

Make sure the firm has the resources and connections you need to ensure you have all the resources to assist you with your divorce.

For example other departments' solicitors can be used for their expertise such as commercial, property and private client, where required rather than instructing a new solicitor for this advice.

They should also have connections to experts such as business valuers and pensions experts, counsellors and good reputable chambers.

The best approach to family law cases

While all family law issues are different, you should choose a family law firm that gives legal advice tailored to your situation with the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Your solicitor should guide you on the most appropriate course of action to achieve your desired outcome while also considering the emotional impact it may have on all parties involved.

Looking beyond legal expertise

Aside from their legal expertise, an exceptional family law solicitor should also have access to a broad network of resources and connections, including experts in other areas of law that may be relevant to your case.

Your solicitor's network should extend beyond the legal realm, reaching out to other professionals like business valuers and pensions experts.

These individuals can provide invaluable insights and advice, particularly in cases involving complex financial matters or business assets. Counsellors and therapists also form a part of this network, offering emotional support and guidance throughout what can often be a challenging and emotional process.

The importance of a solicitor's relationship with reputable chambers cannot be overstated. A solicitor with good relationships with reputable chambers indicates their credibility and trust within the legal community. This can translate into better representation for you, both inside and outside the courtroom.

Balancing firmness with empathy

In family law cases, it's crucial for your solicitor to strike the right balance between being firm and empathetic.

While they must protect your legal rights and advocate for your best interests, they should also understand the emotional toll that these cases can have on you and your loved ones.

A compassionate family lawyer will not only provide legal advice but also offer emotional support and guidance throughout the process.

They should have a clear understanding of your goals and priorities, and work towards achieving them while also keeping an eye on the emotional well-being of all parties involved.

Are you ready to instruct a family law solicitor?

In seeking further information, you might want to speak with friends who have undergone similar experiences or consult the Solicitors Regulation Authority for guidance. Remember, a first appointment, which could be a simple video call, can be a positive experience and a proper way to digest advice and decide if the firm's offer and approach are the right match for you.

It's also a good time to inquire about a second opinion or other services that many solicitors provide to save time and ensure a constructive approach.

Choosing the right family law solicitor is a big decision, and it's essential to consider all factors before making your choice.

Remember to assess their experience, communication style, personal connection, resources and expertise, as well as their approach to previous family law cases if possible.

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