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LBMW Rebrand

In July this year, slightly delayed by COVID-19, LBMW completed a comprehensive rebranding exercise. We have a new website, a new logo and, following a survey of all our staff, a set of brand values that represents who we are and how we strive to be.

The rebranding sits alongside our conversion to LLP status, a major investment in IT, a successful acquisition of a smaller firm and some strategic senior hires in what has been a productive and exciting 12 months.

We know that Lee Bolton Monier-Williams has always been a mouthful! However, the four names all represent important parts of the long history of our constituent firms and we didn't want to lose the goodwill and reputation attached to those names. We are proud of this history but, as you will see from our new logo, we will be using the more memorable abbreviation 'LBMW' on a day to day basis. Our new LBMW logo is simple, sharp and modern.

Brand values

We are delighted to tell you about our brand values which every member of staff is committed to upholding. We believe that these values were there already but now we will consciously have them as reference points for all we do.

  • Quality Service - Putting our clients first and understanding their challenges, objectives and goals and delivering a tailored service that represents value in every sense.
  • Heritage - Taking pride in our history, embracing our legacy and taking responsibility for the future success of our firm.
  • Forward Thinking - Striving to be flexible, skilled, able to adapt to the needs of our clients and always thinking several steps ahead.
  • Expertise - To pursue the delivery of outstanding results in all we do and to be market leaders in our specialist sectors.
  • Dynamic - To be positive in attitude, energetic, responsive and always on the front foot.

Our core services and sectors

Our rebrand and refocus has brought greater to clarity to the services we provide and the sectors in which we specialise. Our offering is now clearly divided up between the services we offer to individuals, to businesses and to not-for-profit organisations.

Our website will detail the (non-exhaustive) areas in which we have expertise and the sectors in which we consider ourselves to have market-leading experience. The sectors range from Education to Wine & Spirits, from Religious Organisations to Leisure & Retail with many in between.

2020 and beyond

The rebrand has been a year in the making. There has been plenty of time for self-reflection, discussion and future planning. We have taken the time to look at what Lee Bolton Monier-Williams is as a firm, what our strengths and specialisms are, and which services and sectors we want to develop. Our website provides a clear and accurate picture of the work we will be doing going forward.

As with almost every business, we are aiming to grow. We have a strategy to provide even better service to our existing clients and to win new ones.

Our foundations remain as solid as those of our wonderful building. We have a diverse and skillful team of very approachable lawyers and support staff. From this secure base, we are ready to take on the challenges facing the legal profession in 2020 and beyond, to evolve and to carry on working alongside you, your family and your organisation.