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At the very heart of the Church of England is the parochial system, as it is at this point where the reality of life meets with the Church. In an ever more complicated legal framework, clergy, their PCC members and other lay volunteers are still seeking to serve their local communities.

We offer a service that realises the demands on the parishes and clergy but which seeks to enable them to undertake their ministry without being constrained by the regulatory system that affects them. Our ecclesiastical lawyers are able to advise on all aspects of the law so far as it relates to parish life, inter-faith and inter-demoninational dialogue, church buildings and any burial ground. The areas we cover include:

  • Chancel Repair Liability.
  • Charitable giving, fundraising and Gift Aid.
  • Church and parish halls and institutes (including Albemarle Schemes).
  • Church closure.
  • Church property, income and assets.
  • Church reordering.
  • Churchwardens.
  • Churchyards and their regulations.
  • Consecrations and the removal of the legal effects of consecration (sometimes referred to as "deconsecration").
  • Employment and pensions.
  • Faculty jurisdiction.
  • Law and rights of burial.
  • Licensing (music, photographs, filming).
  • Liturgy and ministry.
  • Local Ecumenical Partnerships.
  • Marriage, baptism and confirmation.
  • Parish reorganisations ('Pastoral').
  • Patronage.
  • PCCs and other church councils.