We advise not only parishes and their clergy but also many Diocesan Bishops, Diocesan Secretaries, Bishops' Staff and Diocesan Boards of Finance. Our ecclesiastical lawyers understand the strategic overview that is needed at a Diocesan level and seek to engage with legal questions with that context in mind.

We understand the complexities of the diffuse nature of authority within the Church of England and how this is all centred on the episcopate. Our advice flows from that recognition and links in with our charitable expertise to provide a unique service to our clients in offering counsel and support in relation to the following:

  • Bishop's Legal Secretary.
  • Bishops' Mission Orders.
  • Consistory Court Hearings.
  • Diocesan Boards (Finance and Education).
  • Diocesan Registrars (links to Registry websites).
  • Diocesan Secretaries and Chief Executives.
  • Ethical investment.
  • Land and property.
  • Mergers and restructuring.
  • Parish reorganisations ('Pastoral').
  • Restricted funds and permanent endowment.
  • Schemes and Orders under the Mission and Pastoral Measure 2011.
  • Structure and Governance.
  • Trading companies.