Cathedrals, Abbeys & Royal Peculiars

Cathedrals and Abbeys are the kings and queens of the ecclesiastical architecture of England. We recognise their contribution to the historical context of our country and individual dioceses. As well as being significant visually, cathedrals play a key role in the life of their dioceses as well as for their committed worshipping community.

The services provided by LBMW support the Dean and Chapter and their staff in their ministry as well as the collective and corporate mission of the Cathedral. Our approach is mission-based, practical and experienced. A number of members of the firm have been Chapter Clerks or have been otherwise involved in the lives and work of cathedrals and abbeys, and thus understand the nature of cathedral life and the challenges and responsibilities that go with it. We are therefore uniquely placed amongst law firms to offer advice relating to:

  • Chapter Clerks.
  • Charitable foundations.
  • Charitable giving, fundraising and Gift Aid.
  • College of Canons.
  • Commercial arrangements.
  • Constitution and Statutes.
  • Dean and Chapter.
  • Employment and pensions.
  • Fabric work and maintenance.
  • Licensing (music, photographs, filming).
  • Marriage law.
  • Property and construction.
  • Regulatory and compliance.
  • Special services and events.