Ecclesiastical, Education & Charities

The work of our Ecclesiastical, Education and Charities Department (fondly known as "EEC") covers a wide range of involvement in communities across the country, through Churches and Schools to housing associations, social enterprises and a variety of other charities and not for profit organisations. We continue to represent the established church and its educational institutions but have expanded so that our work now covers a wide range of groups from many faith backgrounds as well as purely secular organisations. The success and reputation of this department has been integral to the firm throughout its 160 years, and underlies its ethos of providing excellent quality legal advice and sound, practical project development for the benefit of the community.

Besides being long-established, EEC is also fully up to date, maintaining active links with government, the Department for Education, General Synod, the Charity Commission and other relevant bodies so that we not only respond to legislative change but are also involved in shaping it via consultation processes and providing suggestions for workable, practice-based solutions. More specific detail about each area of EEC's work can be found on the separate departmental pages, however, part of our strength lies in the relationships between these areas of practice and the clients and others involved, along with the team work embedded between this department and other areas of the firm. These strong relationships ensure that we offer both an efficient and comprehensive service.