Trade Mark Registrations & Assignments & Trade Mark Oppositions

A trademark is an extremely cost effective means of protection of intellectual property; a name can be protected by registration for a very modest fee, in one country for one type of goods.

Registration confers the exclusive right to use that or similar names on the goods registered or, subject to certain conditions, on similar goods. Registration makes a statement to the world, on eminently searchable online databases, that the proprietor intends to use the mark and assert ownership.

What is Worth Copying is Worth Protecting

Because a trademark is a valuable tool, it needs to be used to be valid but also asserted if others claim potentially conflicting marks. We bring opposition proceedings on behalf of owners of trademarks but also on behalf of proprietors of unregistered names. Such owners can validly oppose applications for trademarks both in the UK and across the EU – as we have done with the producers of Basmati through litigation to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.