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A lot of money rides on ICT commissioning contracts and IP acquisitions. Product may not be delivered on time or project creep may occur. Ownership of the resultant IP is often fought over. Apparently strong limitations of liability in a contract may not stand up. Specialist knowledge and creativity is needed in every case.  In the litigation BSkyB brought against EDS, getting the QC's dog a degree online won the day when it discredited the suppliers' qualifications.

In acquisitions, issues about ownership of software or rights regarding Open Source Software can complicate or frustrate deals and need to be flushed out in due diligence at an early stage by lawyers who are on the ball and asking the right questions. 

And in software licensing, issues regarding data protection or the need for export licences for encryption software inside and outside the EU can be pitfalls for the unwary.

Our IP lawyers draft contracts and advise companies and organisations on all of the issues mentioned above and more.