Commercial Real Estate

We handle all types of real estate, domestic and global transactions.

Our clients know that in an increasingly dynamic, challenging and competitive market, we aim to ensure that their transactions progress speedily and efficiently through to completion, enabling them to maximise their returns.

To achieve this, we utilise a methodology which combines our expertise and experience. We ensure that each transaction and separate aspect of the transaction is dealt with at the appropriate level, that there are clear lines of communication between the transacting parties and their professional advisers and that we understand the commercial needs and expectations of our clients. This, coupled with our very competitive rates, cements our ethos of maximising the fruits of our clients' labours.

We advise on major and innovative development projects, structuring and joint ventures, complex real estate clawback and development agreements and securitisation.

Our geographical reach extends beyond the UK to Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific through our membership of MSI Global.